Six online webinars will be held on the topic of the history and lands of the bible. They will be recorded.  6pm Perth time is GMT+8

I will send the log on details when you are registered. Allow an hour. Click on these highlighted links to download pdf pages of notes and have them in front of you. Try to do the small amount of pre-reading.

Webinar Dates are below, 6pm western standard time, that is GMT+8hrs. Get yourself on a computer with sound and camera (;like Skype)  but if you cant do that, I will also provide you with a phone number you can use to do sound only.

2015    Aug 17   The Patriarchs of Genesis
2015    Sept 7   Exodus and Judges
2015    Sept 14 Kings Prophets
2015    Sept 21 Evidence and Between the old and new testaments
2015    Oct 19  Gospels and Acts
2015    Nov 9   The Wall - a sweep of history covering the Crusades, Zionism and Palestine today.


  • Everyone agrees to participate in all webinars or at least most of them. Catch up on the recording if you miss it.
  • Mixture of presenters and online pre-reading/pre-watching
  • Mentors discuss with each mentee their learnings.
  • IN ADDITION  Each site that we will visit (see itinerary) will be allocated to one of the participants for pre-study. You will prepare one page on its history and biblical significance. It is not at all difficult. You will read out your summary on the way to the site ( a ‘Bus Briefing’) and where appropriate on site read one section of the bible and lead a prayer. You can prepare this before we go.
  • There is no assessment to this study other than participation in the webinar and the mentoring conversations. Failure to engage with that process in an authentic and timely way will see a person excluded from the group. You really must prepare yourself in attitude, knowledge and prayer for this act of pilgrimage. It is not a tourist ride.

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