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Can you help a young adult to go on a life-changing Pilgrimage to the Holy Land ? We depart from Perth on Saturday 28.11.2015. You can support a young adult who otherwise cannot afford to go by making a donation. 

The pilgrimage will teach young adults about leadership. This will help grow your congregation. Building young leaders is fundamental to the growth of the church.

Adults who have embarked on this pilgrimage have unanimously expressed that they wished they could have gone when they were younger. The pilgrimage transformed the way they read the bible, allowing them to understand Jesus’ teachings in context of the historically and biblically significant sites. Young people yearn to understand the bible in this way. You could contribute to all or part of a young persons Pilgrimage by sponsoring their journey.

A number of young people told us they really want to join the pilgrims but are unable to afford it. The pilgrimage costs $6,500 ( including all flights, land travel, tours, accommodation, tour guides, meals).  See the Itinerary page here

As they seek to follow Jesus, pilgrims will walk in his footsteps, go where he lived, died and rose again. They will be where the first discipleship started, and meet with today’s church in that place. They will learn about God - we offer six webinars online before they go and a lot of experiential and informational learning throughout. As we learn to share our faith, this Pilgrimage bumps into a global movement of fellow pilgrims and will have them buzzing with stories upon return - with family, congregation, friends, colleagues, and the wider community. We are safe and we look out for each other. One of the highlights will be the inter-generational mentoring connections.

This is no tourist tour. Our guides are from these localities and with their families and connections are offering us a great gift. The churches have long stood in solidarity with Jews and Palestinians and the Churches of Israel-Palestine. This pilgrimage puts all this into action. This is a time like never before when the church must engage with the real people in the Middle East.

If you invest a few thousand dollars in one or more youth (or an older mentor) you not only enhance the experience of the participant but you plant a seed of faith that will continue to spread life-long.

The Disciple will connect like never before with his/her Bible, his or her life as a Christian disciple and with local people. Millions of pilgrims have made this journey before us over two thousand years. It is rich, deep, complex, beautiful and crowded. The disciple will learn how the Christians of the Holy Land live their lives and their faith.  Upon return, the disciple will have gained knowledge and renewed passion. We will continue to mentor them for a further 6-12 months, as appropriate.

We believe this act of pilgrimage, with the help of your sacrifice and gift, will fan the fire within the Church and encourage discipleship: it will set ‘Hearts on Fire’.

Further information http://youngadultspilgrimage2015.yolasite.com or on Facebook.   Email, itinerary and webinar details are all on this website, but here is a phone call  point of contact on sponsorship:

John Snobar of Christian Pilgrimage: 1300 Pilgrim (1300 74 54 74) has created a separate account for this Pilgrimage group in particular. Nominate if there is someone in particular you are sponsoring, or if it is not specific to one person.

Supported by: Rev Dr Ian Robinson: 0417 687 746;  Rev Dr Emanuel Audisho: 0459 145 977:    Rev Rick Morrell: 0417 979 244

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