• Mentors will be selected to join the programme, paying their own way.
  • They will be selected as suitable for mentoring relationships, well-informed in Bible knowledge and discipleship, available to talk with each individual monthly at least, and willing to pray with and for the mentee.
  • They will connect with the group in the monthly webinar stage (see below) and continue in mentor relationship monthly at least six months after they have returned from Jordan.


We are looking for ten mature-ish mentors with biblical knowledge and a capacity to listen and respond from both head and heart. (Expressions of Interest to me at . Closing date for EOI is June 1. The partner organisations will choose and notify within ten days from that).
The two week journey itself will be inspiring and challenging. Yep.              You will never read your Bible the same again. Yep. Sure about that.
You do have to be somewhat silly to be a mentor, taking two weeks leave, and paying your own way.

And the pace? The itinerary is set with young adults in mind - this is not a boring coach-seat comfortable ride, though allowances will be made for people as old as Ian Robinson.

You will start mentoring at the first webinar in June and you end up at twelve months later. The first six months are about sharing bible knowledge and travel tips. The second six months will be about bringing home the new experience of discipleship.
Mentoring always starts out a bit nervous and ends at a level of shared lifelong value. You up for that? EOI close June 1

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