Rev Dr Ian Robinson of Tall Trees ReSource and Uniting Tertiary Chaplain is working with Rev Rick Morrell of UCAWA Synod First Third and their national network and Rev Dr Emanuel Audisho of UCAWA  Synod Multicultural Network and their national network, with the smiling support of Mr John Snobar, Christian Pilgrimage Inc.. They are the working group to decide all issues and select participants and mentors, chaired by Ian Robinson.



To ground biblical knowledge and deepen the life of discipleship

A group of young adult leaders of the church making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Israel Jordan Palestine in Advent 2015, will visit and learn historically verified biblical sites and connect with current human rights issues in that world. You will emerge with ongoing compassion and strong pillars for the ongoing life of discipleship back in Australia. You will not be the same, ever again. You will never read your Bible the same again.


Some people ask this question having seen on TV the occasional flare ups, and it raises fears - as it intends to do. This we can tell you:

  • Your safety will be our highest concern at all times.
  • Media are not reliable sources of information. We are in touch with people on the ground who will advise us of the real situation. We will not go if it is dodgy and we have a plan B ready, just in case.
  • Many people each month are making this journey without incident.
  • Check your travel insurance for their coverage of events.



  • Cost estimate is $6500 per person. That includes all fares on air and ground, breakfast and dinner every day, accommodation in three star hotels, rides, entry fees, guide fees, tips and entry visa for Australian passports.
  • Check for your own satisfaction the visa restrictions relevant to your passport.
  • Your fees will be paid into Christian Pilgrimage Inc.
  • Try fundraising.  Invite parents/grandparents to part-finance their young persons as an investment in lifelong biblical discipleship.
  • There is a calendar of payments that you must adhere to, and there is a calendar of eligibility of refunds if you change your mind or change your plans. Travel Insurance covers some of them, so subscribe early.



  • Each company carries their own liability insurance.
  • Each participant will arrange and pay their own travel insurance. 

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