From Australia to Jordan, Galilee and Jerusalem.

Where exactly are we going?

The following itinerary has been chosen for the light it sheds on the bible and for its range of cultural experiences . Some days are long, some are short. We look after each other. We depart Perth on Emirates EK421 28 November at 2205.

IN JORDAN               Fly into Amman the capital of the kingdom of Jordan arriving at 0915  (catch up on sleep) before an early bus to the amazing Roman city of Jerash, then wrestling at the River Jabbok ,  stand where Moses stood at Mount Nebo and gazed across the great rift valley, ride a horse or a camel at the rock-hewn city of Petra, take jeeps through the red and gold desert sands of Wadi Rum, and tour Madaba the city of mosaics. 

IN ISRAEL-PALESTINE           Bus across the Allenby bridge border-crossing and make the ascent to Jerusalem overnight. Next day, swim in the Dead Sea at the lowest point on the earth’ surface, clamber around Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, hike the En Gedi falls, and watch the sun set over the hills of Moab.

Early, we climb the cliffs of Masada, recommit at the River Jordan, and tour Jericho one of the most ancient cities on earth. Then we go into the hills to the well of ancient Shechem where Jesus met the woman at the well (john 4) and Omri’s palace of Samaria, ask Gideon about Harrod Springs, pray at the great basilica at Jesus’ home in Nazareth, before resting our heads at Tiberias.

Around Galilee we can walk on the water of the lake at Tabgha, climb the Mount of Beatitudes, visit Capernaum where Jesus based his public ministry, eat by the lake, ascend to Banias (“who do thery say that I am?”), maybe see if we can fit in some of the huge area Tell Hazor before returning late to Tiberias.

On the road again to the ancient site of Tell Megiddo (famous as “Armageddon”), climb Mount Carmel where Elijah contested the prophets of Baal, walk quayside at the Roman port of Caesarea Maritima, where Pontius Pilate lived and Paul was imprisoned, then to the uber-chic city of Tel Aviv-Yafo. Jaffa (Yafo) is famous for Jonah and Simon the Tanner.

Our ultimate destination is to climb the hill to Jerusalem (old-new-east) and Bethlehem where we will encounter many languages, pilgrims and residents – the cave below the Church of the Nativity and the Shepherds Fields, the famous Mount of Olives, the place of prayer at the Garden of Gethsemane. We will cross the Kidron like a Palm Sunday pilgrim through the Lion Gate (St Stephen’s martyrdom) to sing in St Ann’s church at the Pools of Bethesda (“take up your bed and walk”). Then the solemn walk along the Via Dolorosa until we emerge at sunset at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (built and destroyed so many times around the tomb where Jesus is no longer buried !). Let the whirlwind of impressions flow carry you - through  the markets, alleys, streets and sites, among thousands of pilgrims over thousands of years, just as in the days of Jesus.

We cross the city to the Zion hill, the place of the last supper, Peter’s betrayal and Jesus’ trial, (St Peter Gallicantu), then Ein Karem where John the Baptist was born. On our last day in Jerusalem you can choose - to visit the Israel Museum, the Shrine of the book where the Dead Sea scrolls are kept secure, the Yad Vashem holocaust memorial,  walk the old city walls or walk under the city through Hezekiah’s tunnels.

Our last days are crossing back to Amman and we need time to walk through the Allenby Bridge check point. At night we will look across the city from the ancient citadel and maybe meet some local families. We fly from Amman back to our Australian destinations. You arrive home on Monday 14th December at 1735 (Perth time)

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