Ride a horse into Petra like Indiana Jones, walk on water at Lake Galilee like Simon Peter, bend over to enter the Easter tomb of Jesus and find that there is nothing there :) (click here for more detailed itinerary)!  Jump into adventures and full-stop experiences in a group of twenty young Christian adults (18-32ish). 

ADD, to help with processing, ten Christian mentors (mature-ish , that is, some people refuse to become a boring grown-up) .

YOU WILL CONNECT with your Bible, your life as a Christian disciple and local people. Millions of pilgrims have made this journey before you over nearly two thousand years, rich, deep, complex, beautiful and crowded. Download this Powerpoint from dropbox

YOU WILL DIVE INTO a transforming and educational (in the best sense) pilgrimage journey. 

The partner organisations open this to Christians in Australia any church or none. Cost is $6500 and Nov 28-Dec 14 2015. 

I am inviting you to apply either as a pilgrim or as a mentor. There will be just a few places if you don’t think you fit those two categories.

If you or your group can SPONSOR A DISCIPLE, that is, you can donate to help someone come, go to this page.

I look forward to journeying with you.     Ian Robinson (click to find out more about Ian)

Expressions of Interest by August 1 to ian.robinson@uwa.edu.au telling me your own email address, your age at Nov 28 2015, (whether you apply as pilgrim or mentor), and your agreement to do the webinars which are listed on this site. Further Information about the minimum deposit required ($400) and how to deposit it, will be sent to you direct. Enrolment of pilgrims will be based on first arrival of deposits, not just on expression of interest or likes on Facebook.

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